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Most recently, the evolution of smart phones and tablets have made us well informed about our day to day life. Be it shopping, traveling, eating out or anything else, wherever we may be, We all use these devices to find out the best brand that fulfill our expectations, most often we all use them to find best deal-sometimes it’s both.


We read product reviews online, look for a local restaurant on Google Maps, Chat with pals via Gtalk, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp etc. These are just a few things that we use our mobile for. Mobile is very important than many think-but frequently not properly understood. Mobile is the best way to get closer to your consumers.


Mobile provide a number of things of real steps to help modern businesses interact with the increasingly mobile, well informed and tech savvy buyers, that people have become.

As per the latest research, Businesses are driving approximately 15 to 25 percent  of  total website traffic from mobile devices.


Mobile means conversation, so does marketing. Online marketing is no longer limited to desktops only. Mobiles are rapidly becoming main medium of sharing and accessing information online. As mobile devices are being adapted rapidly, their importance as a marketing tool has gone up remarkably.


Here @ BYOB, We help your business reach customers using mobile devices.

We create, monitor and track your mobile marketing strategies for your business to get visible results.